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Find Your Page Turner

The Internet has turned everyone into an author – even your PhD cousin can brag at Thanksgiving that his short story's on Amazon.


But this makes choosing a good book more difficult than ever.

To bolster EW's book section, we helped fickle entertainment enthusiasts find literary love with a personalized book matching app, Page Turner.

AD: Iyanni Callender

Create a profile by filling out literary and entertainment interests.


Discover books by swiping through card stacks, with book info populated by EW reviews, videos, and related content.

Users track their emotions by chapter, which will refine the app's algorithm.

Scan physical book ISBNs to bring up their Page Turner profiles.

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EW_ISBN Scan.jpg


EW_Print Finally.jpg
EW_Print Discover.jpg
EW_Speed Dating.jpg

'Speed dating" pop up where people sample books based on date-like descriptions and are urged to find more matches with Page Turner.

Instagram posts with seductive messaging leading to book reveals.

IGTV book club streams with celebrity appearances.

EW_Book CLub.jpg

Snapchat UGC where people post their feelings on books they're reading and EW will share from its social pages.

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Trade in old books for new ones at kiosks activated by scanning Page Turner account login info.