Pre-roll on streaming platforms identifying shared logins via device ID/IP address


“Still using Lea’s account, huh? We won’t tell, but ‘thanks’ is a dish best served fresh! Cook her a meal with HelloFresh and keep the show going!"

HelloFresh covers a friend's Venmo charge

Snapchat ads based on Snapmap activity and Snap streaks

Sharpen your skills and avoid cooking a struggle plate with in-app AR instruction 

Show you're forever grateful by submitting and naming a recipe after a friend


It's Your Turn

Cooking is a sincere way to show friends appreciation, yet many millennials only step in the kitchen to throw takeout boxes away. 

We positioned HelloFresh as the ultimate way to repay friends for all the couches crashed on, Netflix accounts shared, and Venmo charges "forgotten."

AD: Myka Betts