Players scan their faces to create custom avatars

face scan 2.gif
Item Scan 2.gif
Can scan_v2.gif

Reward consistent playing by sending users personalized Amp cans

Dramatic OOH ads in commuter areas to awaken one's inner fighter

Be a hero in between meetings and determine the fate of an interactive live action battle on social

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Work got you stressed? Let off steam on your lunch break and destroy objects with Amplandia weapons in rage room popups

Mountain Dew Amp

Fuel the fight

Millennial gamers love playing as heroes because with a little perseverance, no challenge is insurmountable.


But the IRL daily grind has worn them down so much, they have difficulty channeling their own greatness.


To relaunch the energy drink Mountain Dew Amp, we created Amplandia, a mobile/web game that blends reality and the virtual world to inspire millennials to be the heroes they play as.

AD: Ty Crump

In Amplandia, users battle monsters to earn real Amp energy cans.  


Get power ups by drinking in-game Amp cans that appear more often during "slump" times (like that 2PM status meeting)


Scan everyday items and Amp cans in as weapons and power-ups